• Wirelessly communicates to security sensors up to 300ft away
  • Automatically calls up to 4 telephone numbers and plays the user a recorded message if the alarm is activated
  • Arm or Disarm using the keypad on panel, a keychain remote, or an optional wireless keypad
  • Built in backup battery
  • Pet sensitive PIR motion detectors
  • Special code for disarming under duress

Optional Extras:

Absolute Locksmiths & Security are proud to offer this service with an innovative market leading product.

Absolute Locksmiths & Security is offering this ultra compact Wireless Security with Internal Communications Options

This is a wireless home security solution that includes all the reliability and features that you require.  It is packing outstanding functionality and affordability, giving versatility to offer a home security solution that meets the needs and budgets of most.


For Personal Emergency:
Emergency Button
Wrist Tansmitter
Pendant Transmitter
Fall Detector

For Security:
Motion Detector (Indoor and/or Outdoor)
Curtain Detector
Motion Mirror Detector

Easy to Use

Long Range Wireless Control

Security to Safeguard Your Home and Your Family

For Safety:
Smoke/Heat Detector
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector
Temperature Detector
Flood Detector

Gas Detector

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